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Conversations for Change


As directors and staff of local agencies, we work in the nonprofit sector because we have a passion to make our community an even better place for all. But sometimes, our work can be so hectic and stressful and all-consuming that we forget to take time to find a quiet moment and just "think!" Ever wished you had a sounding board for that perhaps-crazy (perhaps-not?) idea that has been rattling around in your brain for awhile? Have you wondered how nice it would be to talk about new approaches or new ways of tackling an issue in a neutral, relaxed setting? Foundation for Roanoke Valley staff is making a commitment to the nonprofit community to set aside the first Tuesday of each month so that these kind of collegial meetings can take place. Join us for a cup of coffee at a time convenient for you, and let’s rediscover the simple joy of talking face-to-face about meaningful and uplifting community opportunities!

Foundation staff are available on the first Tuesday of each month from 9:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. at our offices located at The Patrick Henry at 611 S. Jefferson Street in Roanoke. Please call Michelle Eberly at 540.985.0204 to schedule a time, just so we can properly plan for that day. Thanks!