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70x30 A Major Growth Initiative



To reach $70 million in outright assets by the end of 2018, in honor of our 30th anniversary.

Many of you have causes that are very near and dear to your hearts.  You may want to support the arts, or health care, or meet the needs of children or the elderly.  You may have an affinity for the environment, or economic development, animals or helping young scholars pursue their educational dreams.  With each specific cause, we are honored to help you achieve your charitable objectives.

For others, your support of the community through the Foundation comes from a more general sense of affection for your hometown, your city or county or this region.  You may have been raised here, or built a business here, or raised a family here, or retired here – whatever the reason, your passion is simply to give back to make good things happen locally.

By supporting this initiative you are helping this community in a positive and permanent way.  Please review the following page for more specific information.

Our Request for Your Consideration

There are several ways to support Foundation for Roanoke Valley’s growth initiative.

  1. Establish a Named Endowment Fund
    Create your personal legacy and support your community in perpetuity through a Field-of-Interest, Advised, Scholarship or Designated Fund.  A named endowment fund can be created with a minimum $10,000 gift ($25,000 for scholarships.)  You can name the fund after yourself, a family member, the name of a favorite cause, or you can choose to remain anonymous.  Almost any charitable purpose can be served through a named endowment.

  2. Give to an Already Established Endowment Fund
    We hold hundreds of endowment funds.  A gift of any amount to an already established fund supports the needs in our community based on the purpose of that fund.  We are happy to share those purposes with you as appropriate.

  3. Provide the Community with Unrestricted Support Forever.
    In addition to the different types of funds noted above, another powerful way you can help your community is by establishing a named, endowed Community Catalyst Fund.  This type of fund is unrestricted and gives the Foundation the flexibility to meet all kinds of important current and future community needs and opportunities.  For someone who would prefer to give an unrestricted gift in any amount without creating a named fund, please consider our Community Enrichment Fund, where gifts of all sizes are aggregated to provide local grants.

  4. Contribute to the Foundation’s New NPO Capacity Building Fund
    For years, we have been especially inundated with requests for critical operating support from local non-profits – to pay for technology upgrades, training, adequate and expanded staffing and so much more daily expenses – rather than money that requires them to create new programs or the like.  The Non-profit Capacity Building Fund will give the Foundation the resources it needs to underpin the work of many good local nonprofits, especially in bad economies and as other external sources of funding become scarcer.

  5. Give to the Foundation’s New Fund for Educational Excellence
    Each year, the Foundation receives over 1,000 scholarship applications from graduating high school seniors and adult learners.  The Fund for Educational Excellence will supplement the on-going work of our 50+ current scholarship funds, most of which have specific criteria that reflects the wishes of the donors.  This Fund will give the Foundation the ability to support many other highly-qualified students annually, who for whatever reason, “fall through the cracks” of the currently available scholarship funds.

  6. Support the Foundation’s Administrative Endowment Fund
    One of the ways that donors help the community foundation stay strong is through contributions to our Administrative Endowment Fund.  As a 501c3 nonprofit ourselves, we incur annual operating expenses.  So, while we maintain a small staff, and we operate at a ratio of less than 1.5 cents on the dollar of total assets, we rely on the administrative endowment to provide critical assets that enable us to grow and thrive and operate at the highest levels of professionalism and stewardship.


Please contact the Foundation for more information